Have you been brainwashed?

Mr.Brainwash's Art Show in LA

The internet is buzzing at the moment!! I don’t know, if you have heard about all the conspiracy theories surrounding Banksy. Apparently “Pranksy” (Mr.Brainwash) or better known as Thierry Guetta is a persona Banksy invented in order to criticize the current status quo of street art. Some go as far as saying that Banksy might actually be Guetta himself, which I really do not believe. Anyways, these whole conspiracy theories came up, because questions were raised as to why Banksy would want to endorse somebody who seemingly has no clue about art whatsoever. Mr.Brainwash’s art shows are actually financed by Banksy and Fairey. Has Banksy managed to fool us all and actually capatalize on that? Isn’t that a contradiction, as Banksy is in a way castigating the over-commercialization of street art in his documentary? I personally believe the movie Exit through The Gift Shop and the “by-product”  is one of Banksy’s artworks in itself and if that is the case..this guy is a genius!

What is your take?

(P.S.: Can you see that somebody actually tagged my name on one of Mr.Brainwash’s artworks (bottom pic)! You are crazy..you know who you are! ;))

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2 Responses to Have you been brainwashed?

  1. Jan says:

    Dope! Thanks for the advice, Ikeme! Nice blog, brilliant pictures!

  2. ikemeicebear says:

    Hi Jan!
    Thanks. You’re welcome.

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